IT services

Here are brief descriptions of the most common services we offer to our customers.

— BetterNET Managed Services —

Ready for an increased level of proactive IT services tailor-made for your company? Ask us about our BetterNET offering.

— on-site repairs —

If “it’s broken,” or “it doesn’t work anymore,” or “I used to be able to do this last week,” then there’s something wrong. We’ll help you find it and fix it. At each step you’ll hear from us about how it’s going and how much it’s going to cost.

— installations —

You’ve just purchased a new machine… but you need to transfer your old data, or applications, or settings, or all of the above to the new hardware. Or, you’ve just purchased some new equipment and you’d like it installed, as well as learning how to use it.

— virus removal —

Your “friend” has emailed you a virus, and now you’ve lost time and data. What do you do next? Call us before taking any drastic steps.

— adware/spyware removal —

You are getting a lot of popups advertising anything from Arizona timehsares to Viagra. Your system seems to feels slower now than it did yesterday.  We can clean up your system and put very effective web ad blocking on to prevent further problems.

— spam email/UCE —

More and more, you are receiving spam or Unsolicited Commercial Email.  Depending on which mail service you use, this can be drastically reduced either on the server side (your provider), or on your computer.  Contact us for options.

— tune-ups —

The old saying goes “if it ain’t broke…,” but in defiance of traditional wisdom, sometimes it pays to tune up your current systems to give them longer working life. This can reduce your equipment costs and engineering fees over time.

— networking —

Networking brings the productivity of shared resources: files, devices, printers, etc. This is critical in business, where project collaboration is necessary, or it may not make sense to give each person their own printer/backup device/etc.

— consulting —

If you’ve done some thinking about what your business needs to do technologically, it’s always a good idea to bring those thoughts to a consultant. We’ll help you refine those concepts and build workable plans for getting them done within your budget.

— upgrades —

Has your company migrated to Windows 7? How about Windows 8 or beyond? Does this mean buying new hardware, or upgrading, or both?

— custom-built PCs —

Do you need a machine that does digital video better than anything else? Or perhaps you need to add an Exchange Server to your office? Of maybe you’d like to build one big intranet server to handle several critical business applications. These are all custom jobs that require specialized equipment. We’ll either design it ourselves, or help you shop for just the right machine.

— programming —

Every company has specific needs, and while many standard applications do the majority of tasks elegantly, there are many business processes that require customized computer programming. We’ll spec out your needs, recommend solutions, and build the software that you need.

— offsite backup —

Your data is your company’s lifeblood.  Statistics show that a company that loses their data to a catastrophic event will usually go out of business within the year.  We offer fully automatic, simple, encrypted set-it-and-forget-it backups for servers, workstations, laptops and home machines — whether PC, Mac or Linux.

— website hosting —

Where will your website live? Do you need specific web services, such as eCommerce, or a chat room, or FTP directories?  With our network of service partners, we can help you find all the services you need along with a great price.

— exchange / iphone / ipad / android / blackberry email hosting —

Do you need to share a company calendar? Are you tired of deleting email from your smartphone, only to find you have to delete from your computer, too? Has waiting for email on your blackberry BIS account cost you valuable time? We can host your email on Microsoft Exchange servers and allow your workers to collaborate better through mail, calendaring, and even hosted Sharepoint services.

— file hosting —

Many companies opt to use external services to host critical files or their backups. There are many reasons why this strategy might be good for you.

— hosted VoIP phone systems, on-site phone systems —

We offer hosted VoIP PBX (private branch exchange) phone systems, as well as PBX’s that reside in your office. Call us to discuss your needs and to setup an appointment.

Please contact us for free consultation, or visit our pricing page for estimates on the work you need.